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by Baluske Mtika

Are you a farmer and wondering how you can increase your yields? Or are you a prospective farmer considering buying land and all the gadgets that go with the business? Most likely in either case your biggest setback is access to funds whether it is for buying inputs or for acquiring the farming land. Well, today you meet Parnwell Shashomba. Shambosha, as he is populary known, is a small scale farmer living in the outskirts of Mumbwa district in Likunka area, Shambosha village. He is the son of a mere headman, from a humble background, who took advantage of services and products offered by Inbond Zambia limited and Dunavant Zambia to build his farming business. With the help of Dunavant, Shambosha managed to acquire himself a Mahindra tractor from Inbond Zambia Ltd worth US $19,000 (approx. K95million) on a three year loan repayment package and managed to pay it back in less than a year! That means he now owns the tractor that remains insured and under Dunavant’s maintanance plan for the remaining two years. He had a vision and knew that through hard work and innovation, the loan could be paid back in no time. And he did it! Having started as a seed and chemical (Herbicides) distributor for Dunavant Zambia from 1999 Shambosha established himself an outstanding reputation with the company. He acquired loan volumes of cotton seed from a starting point of one million kwacha to a maximum of a hundred and five million in the early 2000’s. As he conducted his business, he soon gained much experience on loan repayments and financial management. Shambosha was confident and felt he had gained trust from Dunavant and submitted a business plan for assistance in acquiring the tractor. Throughout the planting season, Shambosha cultivated farms of his 150 clients in the area to generate income. However, Shambosha was aware that the planting season does not go on throughout the year. So he bought a trailer for his tractor and started providing transportation services to his clients. On his return trips, he carried stocks for his Groceries Shops and Bars. The nearest town centre from Shambosha village being 55 kilometers.

Soon his business plan materialized as the tractor enabled him to do the following:
• Provide Tillage services
• Provide Dunavant transport services to difficult destinations
• Transport client maize to Boma
• Transport maize and seed to farms
• Transport cotton to Dunavant Ginnery
• Provide sprayer services to his clients
• Transport building supplies for local school In winter, Shambosha ploughs his clients’farms on a credit facility that they repay with maize or cotton at harvest.
His delivering cotton to the ginnery attracts agin price relatively higher than the norm. To sum it up Shambosha earns K50million from tillage services, K40million from transport services that he provides only three times a week and extra income from his well stocked grocery store and bar not to mention his two hammer mills. This is before you include what he earns from his farm produce. Talk about innovation and identifying business opportunities! It’s no wonder Shambosha refers to himself as the Illa bull that never rests till all missions are complete! An outstanding character that Shambosha is, always knowing what new products Inbond Zambia is providing. His major challenge had been reapers and ploughs since the tractor did not come with such accessories when he acquired it. Today Shambosha buys directly from Inbond and is planning to get another Mahindra tractor once his loan period expires. For now he is preparing to buy an Ashok Leyland Truck from Inbond to cater for his newly found transport business. Undoubtedly, Dunavant hold Shambosha in great esteem as they have been so impressed with his commitment that they have recently acquired 10 Mahindra tractors from Inbond to give other qualifying small scale farmers ; a Shambosha experience indeed! He is a good example of what can be achieved with proper forcus and determination.

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